We have puppies !
23.10. 2022 was born 4 boys & 2 girls

Kunkku x Lissu

Mother and puppies are doing just great.
Lissu is such a super mother!
pedigree of the litter
 sire FI&EE CH, PL<&LV JCH

Kiranas Memnon-Kunkku-

Hips A/A,Knees 0/0,Elbows 0/1
 VA0,SPO clear,LTV0
dam Shabash Photogenic Phoebe-Lissu-
2 x CAC

Hips A/A,Knees 0/0, Elbows 0/0

PLL,PRA-3,RCD-4 clear NCL carrier 
One week old little chubbies :)